Simon Geale

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

As SVP for Client Solutions at Proxima I’ve got responsibility for products, solutions and marketing. I like to view my role as understanding the sorts of challenges that current and prospective clients face and then calibrating Proxima solutions to solve them. My (brilliant) team is thus accountable for presenting Proxima in the market, what we do and how we talk about it. I’m also a regular writer and speaker on all things procurement, digital and change orientated.

I’ve spent over a decade working in solutions. This has given me the opportunity to design hundreds of commercial programs and solutions across a variety of sectors and in multiple geographies. I think it’s one of the best jobs going because I get meet a huge number of suppliers, business leaders, procurement professionals and up and coming future stars all passionate about procurement, change and the difference that we can make to business. Together we make good things happen, solve problems, and create good stories to tell.

Outside of work I’ve got two young daughters who do their best to ensure that my hobbies are lost in theirs. This means that I enjoy colouring, painting, tidying up, being a chauffeur and pretending to be a dinosaur or monster (on rotation).

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