Smarter Procurement that Keeps Customers Coming Back

From global super-retailers to digital giants, we support a range of large retailers in this competitive and dynamic sector. Against an evolving landscape, we’ve helped our retail clients restructure Procurement, innovate, digitize, and realize over a billion dollars in cost savings.

Traditional retailers often operate on tight margins and are feeling the pressure to invest in transformation as digital offerings continue to outperform. Innovation is becoming as important as a well-structured cost base.

Specialist Procurement Solutions

To accelerate results in your organization, we deploy procurement specialists with real-world experience in the Retail sector and bring fresh insights from the outside, explaining how other organizations have faced similar challenges. 

We work closely and collaboratively with you, immersing ourselves in your world to understand your needs and deliver fast and sustainable impact. We help organizations by;

  • Creating future-fit procurement strategies and functions
  • Enabling teams with the best capabilities and insights
  • Optimizing supplier expenditure and outcomes
  • Delivering complex transformation and change programs

In a world where the supply chain is so critical to business performance, enhancing Procurement could be the most efficient way to keep customers returning. Every business faces different challenges, so speak to our specialists today about yours.

Sector Dynamics

Retail transformation takes many forms as retailers seek ways of meeting changing customer preferences and increasing expectations. However, not all customers are equal and research suggests that the next generation may be different from the last; emphasizing the importance of differentiation, investment, and agility to be profitable today and stay relevant tomorrow. Retailers are increasing their focus on the value chain, turning to suppliers for innovation and inspiration, as well as cost optimization. Critically “indirects”, or “Goods Not For Resale” may be a key factor in driving retail success as Marketing, Technology, Premises, and Supply Chain solutions are becoming key differentiators in the customer offering.

Connect with us today and learn more about how we can help your retail business unlock the efficiencies and innovation of your supplier ecosystem.