Powering transformation in property

The property services market is becoming more dynamic by the day. In the foreground there are clearly evolving customer expectations and offerings, while in the background there are numerous disruptive forces that are compelling organizations to modernize, innovate and optimize costs.  

At Proxima, we help some of the most interesting brands in the sector navigate the challenges of consolidation, technology adoption, service expansion and regulation. For many of these organizations, procurement can be a positive catalyst for change.  

Specialist Procurement Solutions

To accelerate results in your organization, we deploy procurement specialists with real-world experience in the Property Services sector and bring fresh insights from the outside, explaining how other organizations have faced similar challenges. 

We work closely and collaboratively with you, immersing ourselves in your world to understand your needs and deliver fast and sustainable impact. We help organizations by;

  • Creating future-fit procurement strategies and functions
  • Enabling teams with the best capabilities and insights
  • Optimizing supplier expenditure and outcomes
  • Delivering complex transformation and change programs 

In a world where the supply chain is so critical to a comprehensive and quality customer offering, enhancing Procurement’s capability is a key asset for top and bottom line performance. Every business faces different challenges, so speak to our specialists today about yours.

See how we help businesses and brands worldwide stay agile, competitive, and compliant through procurement.

Sector Dynamics

Leading property businesses are responding to competitive pressures by focusing on value and blended services. For some this means building out new service lines (like engineering) and for others it means acquisitive growth into new markets. In secondary and more local markets, providers are seeking to upskill and deliver end to end services, enabling them to create long term partnerships with mid to large size corporates, while retaining autonomy within property functions. The technology race is on as organizations seek to mitigate labor shortage and increasing labor costs (some legislative) with smarter solutions that innovate services and drive cost efficiencies. Procurement has a key role to play in the future, supporting innovation and cost efficiency in the face of competitive tension.