Fast, actionable ideas to transform your cost base

Your department could be buying at 10–15% over market costs for no operational benefit. For most organisations, supplier expenditure represents around 70% of total costs. Changing needs, competing priorities, complex data and finite resources make it hard to keep on top. A Proxima Opportunity Assessment Report (OAR) provides a fast and accurate assessment of third party spend, providing clarity over how well you spend and telling you where there are opportunities to improve value for money.

Expert insights that enable positive transformation

Through the use of deep category and commercial experts, data analysis and market knowledge, our team will assess your expenditure and present back a set of defined opportunities and an action plan to transform your cost base. Using our deep commercial and market expertise, we provide insights and challenge that uncovers hidden value.

  • Expert insights that challenge the way things are done today
  • Fast, actionable ideas for how to transform supplier costs
  • A platform for strategic procurement and a plan to deliver value

Our flexible approach means that you can accelerate delivering the benefits at any point during the process. An OAR brings everything together that is needed to uncover these opportunities.

Start quickly and accelerate the benefits

Every Department has its own particular requirements. We can configure the OAR around yours. We run through five simple steps.

  • Immersion – Mobilise our teams and discuss landscape, working practices, priorities and challenges.
  • Analysis – Undertake a review of suppliers, contracts and data as well as conducting stakeholder interviews.
  • Insights and assessment – Use Proxima insights to challenge as-is, testing the ideas that emerge from analysis, collaborative workshops and market experience.
  • Validation and reporting – Work closely with key stakeholders to corroborate and validate findings.

Planned implementation – Create an implementation plan and road map outlining opportunities identified and effective routes for delivery.