Fresh Thinking for Food and Beverage

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) organizations are operating within a perfect storm of commodity volatility, grocery price wars, and trade uncertainties. Beyond the storm, there is also opportunity for those able to invest in areas like changing consumer tastes, manufacturing automation, and emerging B2C markets.

From household brands to huge production operations, we help some of the sector’s biggest businesses grow and thrive. Our procurement approach is used to bring fresh ideas that can transform commercial outcomes.

Specialist Procurement Solutions

To accelerate results in your organization, we deploy procurement specialists with real-world experience in the Food and Beverage sector and bring fresh insights from the outside, explaining how other organizations have faced similar challenges. 

We work closely and collaboratively with you, immersing ourselves in your world to understand your needs and deliver fast and sustainable impact. We help organizations by;

  • Creating future-fit procurement strategies and functions
  • Enabling teams with the best capabilities and insights
  • Optimizing supplier expenditure and outcomes
  • Delivering complex transformation and change programs 

In a world where the supply chain is so critical to business performance, enhancing Procurement could be the most important ingredient in your business’ success. Every business faces different challenges, so speak to our specialists today about yours.

Sector Dynamics

The Food and Beverage sector is fiercely competitive, with businesses facing rising costs and squeezed margins. Couple this with increasing customer expectations for quality, freshness, and provenance, and it’s clear why many F&B businesses are taking a closer look at their supply chains. Supply chains will be pivotal in helping F&B organizations stay profitable and get ahead. Healthy businesses will be those that are able to 1) create leaner, more agile operations that can cope with volatility, 2) generate savings or funds to invest in growth, and 3) quickly learn about the (new) supply markets that will enable and propel the business forward, especially through automation, digital, marketing, and logistics.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your business drive quality and growth through procurement.