As governments and businesses shift from “pledging to implementation” (COP27 President’s Vision), collaboration is the cornerstone to solving climate change. Large organizations are beginning to get to grips with their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but the more complex and challenging issue of Scope 3, which can account for up to 90% of their total carbon footprint, is proving more challenging.

Collaboration is key to success –
Together for implementation

The Scope 3 Peer Group is a collection of 1,000 procurement and sustainability professionals whose aim is “to clarify the path and accelerate progress on carbon emission reduction in value chains – by signposting relevant support & activity, and sharing ideas & best-practice.”  In coming together and sharing their challenges, their current activity to solve Scope 3, and what they aspire to be, Proxima is working alongside to create a benchmarking tool that will help large organizations understand where they currently stand and what actions they might take to tackle next to reach their Net Zero goals. If you’d like to read more about its origins, take a look at a blog from our board sponsor here.

What next?

The benchmark will be launched amongst the founding organizations in Q4 to create a baseline data set and will be available for wider usage as we move into 2023. If you are interested in receiving the outcomes report, you can sign up for information here. (Likely early 2023 launch)

If you would like to hear more about our services to help businesses tackle Scope 3, take a look at our Decarbonization as a Service or to read more about Scope 1, 2 and 3, please take a look here, or for a visualization of the Scope 3 journey, please click here.


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