When the margin between success and failure is so tight, can Procurement be the saviour of retail?

In this Industry Update, we study the:
• Role of Goods not for Resale in driving profit and transforming customer offerings
• How different generations’ preferences are evolving customer offerings
• Five key areas where procurement in retail is making or can make a big difference

Download the report by clicking on the box below. For a 2020 perspective, you can download ‘The Great Retail Re-think’ on this page. Perfect for whichever end of the spectrum your retail business is at, there will be a lot of big choices ahead. A forensic understanding of your GNFR costs and a plan to reduce and control them could make a critical difference. What’s more, harnessing the power of your GNFR suppliers can enable innovation and improve the customer experience.

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Our procurement consultants work hard to understand your business and your needs. By working closely together, we create trust, using insight and knowledge to come up with creative yet practical solutions that move you forward.


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