Optimize payments as a strategic enabler

Increased cash sensitivities mean that techniques like optimized buying channels, dynamic discounting, and term synergies can all be used in conjunction with traditional payment terms strategies. Making the most out of cash and turning payments into a value lever rather than just a process and cost.

From process to value driver

Proxima’s Working Capital programs seek to align the right payment strategies and processes to core buying channels and supplier groups. This could mean extending terms to generate cash or implementing new techniques which may deliver total cost or process improvement. It also includes specific tailored approaches for start-ups and social enterprises. The program stems from creating visibility of the current payment landscape, aligning with business strategy and overlaying market insights. We bring:

  • Understand how to become “open for innovation” and turn it into action
  • Create rapid and agile supplier networks to power, ‘recover and reboot’
  • Rethink business processes and practices through the customers’ eyes
  • Create more innovative supplier networks and delivery ecosystems

Delivering positive change – The Proxima approach

Our team will undertake an initial assessment of the payments landscape in your business reviewing current spend and supplier groups, and then assess planned against actual terms patterns. We will then create an initial report that identifies internal improvements, and overlays opportunities and risks. From this we will create a strategy and delivery plan. We deliver:

• An assessment of the as-is vs current trends
• A report on potential opportunity levels, strategies and risks
• Guidance over any process change, system updates or new technology required
• An implementation plan and the support to deliver the change program

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