Aligning procurement with purpose

Organizations are increasingly aligning their purpose with more sustainable thinking. Not only is the “the right thing to do” for society as a whole, but it is also increasingly important to align with the evolving values of customers and employees. Most organizations have not set some form of informal or science-based target, but much of the risk and responsibility for achieving these goals resides within the supply chain.

Procuring with purpose

Proxima’s Sustainable Procurement service brings the expertise and know-how required to assess, kick start or accelerate purposeful procurement. Understanding that every organization is different, we bring three distinct services which can be deployed separately or sequentially. They reflect that procurement may be pioneering sustainable initiatives or collaborating with a business that demands change. We provide:

  • Expert insight into market developments, other organizations, technology, and suppliers.
  • Assessment frameworks to help benchmark, inform needs and build a case for change.
  • Supply market, sourcing, and change management expertise.

Delivering positive change – The Proxima approach

The common thread across the services is a team of subject matter experts who have relevant and up-to-date experience across a range of suppliers, organizations, and initiatives. Knowing where to start is often a barrier to launching or embedding sustainable procurement, so we work closely with you to understand your situation and needs, and how best to achieve your goals. Delivered through three sub-services;

  • Sustainability Assessment – understand risk exposure and opportunities to drive change.
  • Sustainability Acceleration – targeted projects to get started or drive deeper impact.
  • Sustainability Transformation – embedding purpose into your procurement and supply chain working practices.

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