Ensure your supply chains can support a rapid return to normal

Preparing organizations for a rapid reboot

For many organizations, the crisis has meant a full or partial hibernation. Services have ceased, doors have closed, and non-essential staff have been furloughed, in an effort to slash costs in the anticipation of recovery.

With many supply chains in tatters, what happens when organizations re-open for business? With speed likely to be the imperative, will pre-existing supply chains still be intact and ready to ramp up fast? With competition rife, how can organizations ensure they are first out of the blocks and become the customer of choice?

Hibernating businesses need to restart as quickly as possible

Supply Chain Restart services put organizations in the best possible position to hit the ground running in the face of challenging economic conditions and fragmented supply markets. The services ensure key supply chain management teams are functioning and managed as needed for recovery and reboot. Delivering;

  • Confidence that critical supply chains are in place and ready for a reboot
  • Risk actively managed in critical areas of supply, including profiteering
  • Innovative commercial models to ensure speed and long-term competitiveness

Recovery & Reboot – Proxima Approach

As supply chain experts, Proxima brings broad experience across many industries that will help to accelerate the creation and execution of a collaborative start-up plan. Implanting domain experts, aligned to specific areas of expertise, to support the business to plan operational and commercial strategies and devise and test contingencies. Our teams will:

  • Work to understand key supply chains and reboot planning
  • Provide up to date supply market and commercial insights and alternative ideas
  • Work with existing and new suppliers to ensure operational and commercial readiness
  • Drive the execution of the start-up plan
  • Work with operations to implement dynamic supplier management and risk models

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