Create competitive advantage through your supply chain

The supply chain can deliver significant top and bottom-line benefits. However in many organizations, commercial and operational activities are not aligned, and a lack of visibility hinders the organization’s ability to optimize expenditure, take opportunities, and react quickly to major challenges in markets.


Proxima’s Supply Chain Optimization service provides organizations with deep commercial and operational expertise across a range of supply chain disciplines. We deploy experienced practitioners to develop and implement interlinking supplier strategies that help organizations optimize operations and commercial outcomes:

  • Gain transparency into supply chains and their contribution
  • Unlock the latest external thinking and supplier developments
  • Understand demand, suppliers, risk profiles, and optimization opportunities
  • Implement opportunities and upskill teams

Proxima Approach

Optimization starts with taking a fresh look at your supply chain. We deploy experts and tools to quickly understand your commercial and operational challenges, as well as the current supply chain and supplier landscape. We use collaborative workshops to build strategies and deliver programs, leveraging Proxima’s knowledge and client experience to create challenging, yet pragmatic and achievable plans. We bring:

  • A combination of supply chain experts, analytics, research, and technology
  • Experience across a broad set of Supply Chain and Logistics disciplines
  • Expert insights that can be leveraged to dig into specific suppliers or value chains
  • Capability to work from assessment and analysis through to strategy and implementation

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