Improve effectiveness and resilience in your critical supply chains

Organizations are facing some emerging challenges in the modern supply chain. A historical focus on price, consolidation, and ‘Just-in-Time’ has created highly efficient supply chains, but at the expense of simplicity, transparency, and resilience. Leaders are increasingly turning to their organizations and asking why they have so little visibility of what happens outside of their own four walls and what protection they have against supplier failure, cost variance, and, or reputational damage.

Organizations are seeking a reset in a volatile economic environment, balancing price against agility, resilience, sustainability, and working capital needs. Our Supply Chain & Logistics Services are designed to build the supply chains that organizations need in the short term and to compete in the long-term as world-class businesses. This service will provide;

  • A mapping of critical supply chains and identification of proven risks and weak points.
  • ‘Trade-offs’ analysis for re-configuring to inject greater flexibility and resilience.
  • Insight to new market opportunities that have opened.
  • Optimum supply chain configuration to balance cost, availability, and quality.

Delivering positive change – The Proxima approach

Proxima will deploy a team of supply chain experts into the organization to undertake a detailed review and create and implement the improvement strategies. We will work to understand critical needs and key partners before making an in-depth appraisal of these supply chains relative to longstanding and newly identified risks. This will be further supplemented by an analysis of supplier contracts and associated financial and ethical performance. In addition;

  • Develop specific strategies for critical goods/services and supply chains.
  • Work with existing suppliers on their transparency resilience strategies.
  • Set up complementary supply chains as required.
  • Support the business to build a risk framework and implement digital monitoring.
  • Balance the short term acceleration opportunity with long term needs.

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