Supplement budget reduction strategies with smart, sustainable supplier savings

Optimizing costs has never been more critical and radical cuts in supplier expenditure can be made quite quickly. As we plan recovery, many businesses will still have over-inflated costs and legacy supplier agreements which are neither operationally fit for purpose nor reflect the new commercial or operational norms. However, a haphazard approach will impact operations and the ability to ramp up and reboot at pace.

Proxima’s Rapid Cost Down services brings external insights and acceleration to supplier cost-cutting programs. By combining market knowledge with an understanding of current and future business needs, we can help organizations ‘cut with confidence’. Evidencing where cuts are able to be made and where reduction does or does not mean radical changes in supplier selection, performance, service levels or quality. This approach gives you:

  • An expert cost-cutting team
  • The ability to assess and cut with confidence
  • Fast and sustainable budget impacting savings
  • Reassurance that the risks are minimized and managed

Recovery & Reboot – Proxima Approach

The current business climate presents a unique opportunity; supply markets are in flux and businesses are facing uncertainty. Our rapid cost down program helps you to understand these evolving supply markets and leverage the unique circumstances to your advantage.

We deploy an expert team aligned to the business sector and expense types to work closely with your internal teams and budget holders. We take accountability for identifying and delivering cost savings, bringing external insights to challenge current thinking, costs, and outcomes. Our approach is designed for agility and acceleration. It features:

  • Experienced practitioners working closely with stakeholders
  • Understanding of new demand levels and any operational sensitivities
  • Rapid identification, prioritization, and delivery of savings opportunities
  • Agile execution plans and results orientated commercial models

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