Unlock the value in your supplier and peer networks

As organizations plan recovery and reboot, supply chains are at the forefront of thinking. At one end, extreme leadership is looking for faster diagnosis and greater resilience; at the other, they seek to reset, act smarter, and accelerate out of the crisis. Suppliers are critical to this, but there is a risk that organizations default to insourcing and, or a traditional risk led approach to supplier management, thus nullifying the opportunity to reset, collaborate and quickly reboot.

Proxima’s Supplier Management and Ecosystem service modernizes the approach to managing and collaborating with the supply chain. The service brings the latest thinking, tools, and techniques, quickly identifying how regulatory, internal and external pressures can be balanced and managed against growth plans;

  • Identification and segmentation of critical suppliers and chains
  • Rapid deployment of digital risk and resilience monitoring solutions
  • Alignment of key suppliers to stability and growth trajectories
  • Set up and management of rapid reboot and collaborative ecosystems

Recovery & Reboot – Proxima Approach

Our approach is results led, bringing together expertise from Supply Markets, Supplier Management, and Training practices. This ensures that we can provide a blend of technical and process expertise to redesign the capability as well as coaching capability to embed change. Our team will start by identifying business needs and design a program of management and collaboration to suit. We also use peer input where possible, using practices from other organizations to help visualize the benefits case, outcomes, and change required.

  • We undertake business, customer and regulator needs assessment
  • Define agile operating approach “for now” and longer-term practices
  • Identify pilots, roll out and support and upskill internal teams
  • Create outcome led collaboration partnerships, to accelerate innovation and growth

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