Become the destination for supplier enabled innovation

With a ‘new normal’ to work towards, organizations will be reconsidering legacy business models and operating practices. In many instances, supplier innovation will be key to ramping up and reconnecting with customers, increasing speed and efficiency, and lowering operating costs. However, few businesses ‘do innovation well.’ Many find it challenging to work with uncertainty, are change-averse, and unattractive to small and large innovators.

Innovation Enablement helps organizations to create the mindset and environment for greater levels of internal and external invention. It will facilitate procurement, supply chain, and operations stakeholders to better frame challenges, and collaborate with existing and new supplier groups to solve them quickly. The service supports organizations to;

  • Understand how to become “open for innovation” and turn it into action
  • Create rapid and agile supplier networks to power, ‘recover and reboot’
  • Rethink business processes and practices through the customers’ eyes
  • Create more innovative supplier networks and delivery ecosystems

Delivering positive change – The Proxima approach

Innovation is counter-intuitive for many organizations and often requires a change in operating practices and large-scale stakeholder buy-in. Our teams will run initial working sessions with stakeholders to create the platform for change, kick-starting internal initiatives to make the organization more culturally and commercially relevant. Then switching gear, moving into known problems and opportunities and running specific innovation streams;

  • Kick-off innovation workshop – outlining good practice and what enables it
  • Put in place more relevant terms, measures and governance structures
  • Prioritize challenges and pull together supplier networks and internal groups
  • Facilitate workshops and corresponding ecosystems and delivery programs

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