Activate the relationships with your suppliers

For the average business, supplier expenditure represents 70% of revenue. Suppliers are an increasing source of innovation, growth, and productivity as well as a potential source of risk.

Left unmanaged, relationships can drift so CPOs are increasingly turning to supplier management and collaboration as a core activity in delivering business strategy.


Proxima’s Supplier & Risk Management Service enables organizations to gain specialist insights when looking to kick off, review, or refresh their approach to working with suppliers. We offer a portfolio of services ranging from short assessments to complete redesigns of supplier management programs and operating models. This enables organizations to;

  • Re-position the Procurement function and focus
  • Consider supplier importance, segmenting and calibrating relationships accordingly
  • Align in-life supplier management with risk, performance, and value considerations
  • Quickly build or refresh supplier programs using best in class tools and templates

Proxima Approach

A Proxima Lead will work with you to understand the current situation and outline the supplier management opportunity. Our broad capability enables us to address many different types of challenge using a combination of SMEs, tools, and operational support to deliver fast and insightful programs. We typically engage through;

  • Diagnostics and discovery; assessing operations and profiling opportunities
  • Designing, building, and launching programs and operating models
  • Providing SMEs and operational support to existing supplier management programs
  • Point solutions such as due diligence, sustainability reviews, innovation programs

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