Creating functional category strategies

A strong strategy can be the key to becoming a more efficient and effective function. It can also ensure that you are well aligned to customer, stakeholder, and business needs. But creating and communicating a compelling and actionable strategy takes excellent market knowledge, great commercial insight, and strong storytelling skills.

Collaborative strategies for business needs

Proxima’s Strategy and Plans service provides organizations with the expert insight and practical experience required to create well-crafted strategies for category and functional initiatives. We deliver a range of capabilities aimed at transformation and category leaders to put them on the front foot. We bring:

  • Insightful thinking around suppliers, categories, value chains, and operations
  • Tools, templates, and practical guidance for strategy creation
  • The ability to create or support your team in creating the strategies
  • Coaching on how to present strategies for maximum organizational buy-in

Proxima Approach

The Strategy and Plans program starts with a thorough understanding and analysis of the problem or opportunity. Using this information, our Program Lead works closely with you to create a clear, purposeful program plan. We then deploy specialist practitioners and knowledge to accelerate and create insightful plans. Our approach features:

  • Creating a program plan around your specific needs and challenges
  • Agreeing to inputs and outputs and ensuring that all tools and templates are in place
  • Aligning experts and knowledge to your team, or accountability for delivery
  • A combination of workshops, one to one sessions, and post go-live health checks

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