Transforming and optimizing the supply base

Suppliers are critical to the modern organization, often delivering services that help make firms not only more productive but also more profitable. In this wider context, cost is a factor that sits alongside others like speed, quality, and innovation. Choosing the right suppliers for business needs becomes vital, as is engaging them on the right terms.

The right suppliers on the right terms

Proxima Sourcing programs are procurement programs that consider how to optimize your choice of suppliers to meet your wider business objectives. Moving beyond a pure cost reduction focus, we look deeper into the capabilities of the market and how they can best be used to solve problems and improve business performance, delivering:

  • Alignment between stakeholders and experienced practitioners
  • Access to new ideas and concepts used in other businesses
  • Cost base transformation, built on real stakeholder and business needs
  • An upskilled internal team that’s ready for knowledge transfer

Proxima Approach

We immerse our experts into your business to understand key customer drivers and objectives. Working with your team and stakeholders, we develop commercial strategies aligned to key categories, products, or business problems, then run the Sourcing Programs on your behalf. Working together, the approach features:

  • Understanding your needs and assigning a specialist delivery team
  • Co-developing strategies using suppliers to solve business challenges
  • Creating sourcing approaches and delivering projects
  • Transferring knowledge to your team

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