Immediate assessment, direction and leadership for unique challenges

The crisis has taken many organizations into unchartered territory. Normal business rules and supply chain strategies have ceased to apply, and new challenges are being faced each day. Navigating through these challenges, takes a level of experience and focus that may not be readily available within an already overtaxed team. Crisis leadership is needed to quickly frame the challenge, devise the strategy, and manage the effort from end to end.

The Operations Director is a dedicated PMO, implanted to assure a fast start, smart decisions, and coordinated actions with an effective supply chain strategy. Independent and experienced leadership is critical to creating a singular focus on the problems at hand and bringing clarity of thinking to how to solve them. The PMO is also able to draw down on internal and external resources to orchestrate the plan with immediate access to Proxima on-demand services.

  • Experienced program leadership with a singular focus on crisis response
  • Agile business plans with accelerated decision-making methods
  • Access to, and orchestration of further external resources on demand
  • Allows internal resources to focus on other priorities

Recovery & Reboot – Proxima Approach

The Proxima Operations Director will be deployed into the organizations’ ‘Response Control’ effort within Procurement, Supply Chain, or Operations. They are experienced practitioners who have faced a variety of procurement and supply chain challenges and are equipped with program management tools and the wider Proxima network of products, knowledge, and resources. Immediately available, they will;

  • Quickly assess the business challenge and recovery plans
  • Create strategies that optimize the use of internal and external resources
  • Implement governance methods that focus on rapid decisions and accountabilities
  • Direct projects and initiative as a seamless member of the operations team

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