Invest in the skills that elevate Procurement

For a CPO, developing the talent within their teams is key to successful delivery and critical to attracting and retaining talent. Today, CPO’s seek more than just technical procurement skills in their teams. They are looking to develop outstanding engagement skills, deep specialist knowledge, and the curiosity and problem solving skills that drive change.

More knowledge, more impact

Proxima Learning is a training and coaching service with a curriculum designed to enhance Procurement through delivery of modules focused on technical, category, and consulting skills. Most courses are practitioner led and use real examples. Proxima Learning gives you:

  • A tailored training curriculum, based on real procurement experience
  • Practitioner led coaching through specific projects or challenges
  • An enhanced value proposition for empowered teams

Proxima Approach

A Proxima Lead will configure your program with you, considering the different needs and skill levels within the team. This will include defining the curriculum, identifying group vs individual needs, and considering one to one and classroom training. We then assign Proxima specialists to deliver the program. The approach features:

  • A Program Lead to manage the curriculum and advise on emerging needs
  • Classroom training and one-to-one coaching, tailored to your requirements
  • Personalized pathways from foundation through to advanced skills
  • Option to “learn as you work” with a Proxima specialist or using Proxima intelligence

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