Data and insights that enable your team

Stakeholders demand expertise. But with so much to do, and frequently a broad scope to cover, it can be hard for Procurement teams to find the time to stay on top of supplier and market developments. For high performing functions, it is these current insights, stories, and data points that create trust, propel thinking forward, and deliver accelerated outcomes.

Smarter specialists, smarter outcomes

Proxima’s Procurement Intelligence service enables your organization to plug into a procurement-focused market intelligence team. You can tap into the insights that enable faster and smarter decisions, without investing in the people, skills, technology, or sources needed to do it yourself. Proxima’s Procurement Intelligence program gives you:

  • Research and data at your fingertips
  • Expertise that enables efficiency
  • Tailored insight and analysis to fit your organization
  • Specialist research and data analysts to carry out the work

Proxima Approach

Proxima’s Procurement Intelligence program leverages our knowledge-based approach to procurement, delivering insights that can delight customers and accelerate delivery. We create a service catalog of research and analytics products and agree on a pipeline of proactive and reactive work. We then train your teams and turn on the service. Our approach features:

  • Insight services geared towards your suppliers, markets, or data challenges
  • Mapping the intelligence needs of the team and where they sit in processes
  • Creating a service catalog and outputs relevant to needs
  • Embedding the service into working practices

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