Harnessing the digital services opportunity

The global BPO market is undergoing rapid and extensive change as digital solutions emerge. These next generation solutions offer significant transformation, automation, and AI opportunities, creating a pathway to a more intelligent enterprise. However, buying digital well is different to just buying digital.


Going digital for the first time can be an overwhelming and complex task, even for repeat outsourcers. There are a plethora of potential solutions ranging from established outsourcing providers to orchestrating a digital supplier network in house. We help organizations to;

  • Understand what other organizations have done and what supplier solutions exist
  • Profile routes to market and have the right discussions with the right suppliers
  • Develop commercial strategies for business change programs
  • Create and execute sourcing strategies, speeding up delivery


We put specialists on the ground to work with your project teams. We bring market knowledge, and an understanding of how to run large and complex procurement initiatives that stretch from strategy through to implementation and change management. Our approach features:

  • Validating or creating the commercial strategy and business case
  • Using market engagement to assess and familiarize stakeholders with options
  • Update sourcing and implementation strategies considering cost, people, and change
  • Running sourcing processes and providing any subsequent support

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