Fresh insights to optimize your cost base

The average business spends around 70% of its revenue on suppliers. But in today’s fast-paced business world, it can be hard to ensure that suppliers are consistently delivering in line with business needs and that costs are optimized. For most businesses, fresh challenge and market insight provide an immediate and material opportunity to deliver value.

You could be overpaying by 15% with no operational benefit

A Proxima Opportunity Assessment gives you detailed analysis of your supplier spending. It uncovers opportunities to save money, as well as looking at ways to increase supplier value and improve working practices, including:

  • Expert insights that challenge the way things are done today
  • Fast, actionable ideas for how to transform supplier costs
  • A platform for strategic procurement and a plan to deliver the value

Proxima’s input was central to our cost base transformation. They gave us more ideas, fast delivery and bags of credibility

Proxima Approach

We use teams of specialists who work closely with you. Our teams analyze data and spend time with stakeholders to understand your business needs and how you use suppliers. Using our deep commercial and market expertise, we provide the insights and challenge that uncover hidden value, offering you:

  • Tailored assessments, choosing from accelerated or standard methods
  • Immersive and constructive challenge to help rethink the status quo
  • The ability to quickly accelerate into delivery and realize your benefits

To learn more about how Proxima can help you optimize and transform your business, please input your details below and one of our specialists will be in touch.

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