Optimizing value and assuring operations

Third party suppliers are a critical component in the M&A cycle. They not only impact purchase and sale price but also represent a key source of synergy savings and operational improvement. It is critical that the supply chain is well managed throughout the transaction, identifying and mitigating risks, while ensuring continuity of operations.


Proxima’s M&A services are designed to support organizations through every stage of a transaction, whether acquiring or divesting. We deploy specialist teams and use a range of services to identify and deliver value prior, during, and post transaction. This means that the organization can benefit from;

  • Estimations and planning of pre-acquisition synergy savings and opportunities
  • Delivery of novation and synergy programs, assuring best supply models
  • Ability to leverage Proxima as an interim procurement service
  • Transforming commercial operations over time, creating a healthier business


We put a program team in place and surround them with the tools, processes, and flexible support that may be required throughout the M&A process. With fast access to data and reference points and a flexible capacity model, we can quickly cycle through activities and accelerate value. Our approach includes:

  • Provision of a dedicated core team to program manage the M&A process
  • Ability to flex support up and down to manage complexity and volume demands
  • Access to Proxima’s vast knowledge, insights, tools, and services
  • Service options, ranging from savings delivery to longer term transformation

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