Create a business and customer-focused function with our procurement assessment

Procurement’s scope and reach can be vast, touching all levels of the organization, from assuring transaction efficiency to orchestrating complex supplier relationships. As business needs change and technology evolves, it’s important for Procurement to be agile and stay relevant. But where do you start transforming a function? With our procurement assessment.

Aligning Procurement with organizational needs

Proxima’s Maturity Procurement Assessment is the first step towards building a Procurement function to fit business needs both now and in the future. We profile business needs and strategy, then assess the current state of Procurement. This outlines the potential case for change and underscores the need for a new functional blueprint. We give you:

  • A mapping of Procurement to business strategy and initiatives
  • Diagnostics based on an innovative seven dimension framework
  • Gap analysis, based on business requirements and peer organizations
  • An informed hypothesis, design principles, and plan for a functional blueprint

Proxima Approach

The procurement assessment is delivered by expert procurement consultants. Using a combination of analysis, interviews, and benchmarks, it delivers a qualified view on Procurement’s relative maturity, operating model, and ability to deliver on business goals. Our approach features:

  • Assigning deep specialists with experience of running and transforming functions
  • Close working relationships with nominated stakeholders to drive business relevance
  • Trusted tools and models used to run the Maturity Assessment quickly
  • Outside insights brought in to challenge the organization and create achievable plans
  • Creating a platform for building a quality blueprint.

Proxima’s Procurement Maturity Self-Assessment

We offer an easy way to begin your process of determining your Procurement Function’s maturity. Start with our self-assessment.

This introductory procurement assessment helps identify areas of opportunity and individual strengths of your organization. Your personalized results will provide you with an analysis of your Procurement function.

Our calculator breaks down your function into seven value levers: strategy, organization, risk and governance, performance management, services, skills, and information.

To find out your score, and how you compare to the industry benchmark, take the assessment below.

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