Optimizing cash management and strategy across the supply chain

Large organizations have often built long and complex supply chains for goods and services, and failures can be unforeseen and catastrophic. Over the coming period, a manageable liquidity position will be a crucial factor for businesses’ survival. However, post-crisis cash positions in the supply chain will be highly variable; some trusted partners will no longer exist, and others will require appropriate access to working capital to enable them to trade.

Liquidity Management from Proxima is designed to take control of the cash flow in critical supply chains during unstable times, ensuring optimal distribution of cash to deliver surety of supply with the best commercial terms.

Receive an accurate picture of the extended supply chains for key goods and services. Dynamic and constant communication with all parties is facilitated to ensure cash flow reaches where it’s needed, delivering:

  • Managed commercial terms which are geared to supply chain health
  • Continuity and surety of supply and positioning for accelerated recovery
  • Better CSR for SMEs and Innovators

Recovery & Reboot – Proxima Approach

Traditional working capital improvement techniques for large organizations at the top of the supply chain need to reflect the challenge. Proxima will implant a team of supply chain and procurement experts to work closely with finance and operations to assess supply chains, take proactive action, and manage the change. This means:

  • Mapping the extended supply chain for essential goods and services
  • Assessment of the working capital needs of individual companies within the supply chain
  • Ensuring the contractual flow of cash to where it is needed
  • Dynamically negotiating commercials that reflect your contribution to companies supported
  • Defining the optimal long term working capital solution

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