Fresh insights to invigorate thinking

Procurement is regularly tasked with solving complex problems, and often the motivation is there, but something is missing. Having that little piece of extra insight, data, or challenge could be the missing link; accelerating solutions and proving the difference between a good and a great result.

Specialist consultations to boost your team

A Proxima Health Check is a consultation with a specialist. Procurement teams can access expert support to diagnose problems, seek guidance, or simply revisit or follow up on past initiatives. Organizations can specify requirements for short or longer term support, drawing on Proxima as needed, to:

  • Support teams with access to external advice, data, or challenge
  • Undertake a rapid fault diagnosis and receive suggested resolutions
  • Revisit or review progress on in-train initiatives

Proxima Approach

Organizations can purchase Health Checks as part of an “on demand” model or they can be factored into complex projects, plans, or transformations. A Proxima Program Lead will work with stakeholders to agree to the framework and engagement model. Thereafter, they validate requests, agree on the approach, and assign appropriate specialists as required. Our approach also includes;

  • An assigned Proxima Lead who will develop a launch and communication plan
  • Support models tailored to specific requirements
  • Review of any pre-materials or preparation to optimize efficiency
  • Execution of the activity, on site or remotely as agreed

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