Embrace digital and accelerate transformation

Digital has long been on the management agenda, but many digital programs have stalled at the problem statement, benefits case, or (later) implementation. However, during the crisis, the benefits of digital have been well highlighted, and as businesses seek to recover and reboot, digital solutions will be critical to success. While the appeal of digital is now clear, knowledge around the ‘how’ is not.

Going digital will present organizations with opportunities to increase the speed, resilience, and flexibility of the operations. It will also enable them to define what’s interesting and capture real-time data points for improved decision making. Digital Acceleration supports organizations to understand the opportunity, and ramp up their digital adoption, delivering;

  • A fast and independent view on where digital can positively impact operations
  • ‘Hype free’ assessments of peer group and supplier capabilities
  • Rapid vendor selection, mapping market solutions to business needs
  • Digital roadmaps for better commercial, operational and risk data

Delivering positive change – The Proxima approach

Deploying subject matter experts with directly relevant and up-to-date experience from a range of organizations, processes, and functional areas. Working closely with you to understand how the latest market developments can be applied to make your business better. Typically applied across, some or all, of Procurement, Finance, Operations and other business functions. This may involve;

  • Working with stakeholders to identify solutions for operational improvements
  • Accelerating Business Process Automation (end to end support)
  • Supporting CPOs to digitize Procurement; enhancing tools, data, and processes
  • Collaborating with multiple parties to create supplier-enabled digital strategies

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