Smart, fast, and sustainable savings

Where there is rising supplier expenditure or increased budget scrutiny, organizations often turn to Procurement to manage costs more tightly and implement supplier savings. More than 60% of Fortune and FTSE companies have publicly stated cost reduction targets, but finding fast and sustainable ways to transform costs can often prove challenging.

Create a leaner and smarter cost base

Proxima’s Cost Reduction program leverages our knowledge-based and immersive approach to procurement to quickly identify and deliver procurement and supplier cost savings. The approach caters for short term wins and longer-term impact, helping you to reduce costs without disrupting your business, giving you:

  • Expert insights delivered into your business
  • Fast and sustainable budget impacting savings
  • A smarter cost base that aligns to cost and growth objectives

Our approach to procurement and supplier savings

We take accountability for identifying and delivering cost savings, bringing external insights to challenge current thinking, costs, and outcomes. We do this by immersing experienced practitioners into your business and powering them with data, delivery, and analytical capability. Our approach is designed for acceleration. It features:

  • Experienced practitioners working closely with stakeholders
  • Rapid identification, prioritization, and delivery of savings opportunities
  • Governance designed for visibility, speed, and decision making
  • Results-oriented commercial models

For more information on procurement and supplier savings and how to get started, get in touch with one of our procurement consultants

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