Specialist support, as and when you need it 

Over the coming days, weeks, and months organizations will face a variety of challenges as they tackle numerous issues and seek to react quickly to demand, shore up operations, and drive towards growth. This will require different skills and knowledge at different times and the ability to scale up and down without delay, at a time when trusted skills availability may be scarce.

Proxima’s Capability on Demand service delivers fast and flexible access to specialist procurement services and supply chain capability. It enables organizations to quickly augment in-house teams with a range of experienced practitioners and specialist skills, but without making long term commitments;

  • Immediately plug into skills base and outside knowledge
  • Ensure consistent use of specialist inputs to accelerate delivery
  • Run multiple concurrent programs without capacity constraints
  • Simple contracting and dial-up or down on resources, as needed

Recovery & Reboot – Proxima Approach

Sometimes organizations need the flexibility of being able to access people or skills without complex contracts or long term commitments. The Proxima approach does just this, providing businesses with a support partner that can deploy specialist support on a case by case basis for projects, programs, roles, or surge support. The approach features:

  • Agile planning to sync with recovery and reboot plans
  • Support orchestrated by dedicated or flexible Proxima PMO
  • Provision of specialist support or blended teams, remote or on-site
  • A variety of models and measures, ranging from FTE to outcome-based

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