Specialist support, as and when you need it

Modern demands on Procurement are numerous and varied; from transforming the cost base to finding innovative supplier solutions. Organizations have high expectations for Procurement, but many CPOs cite capability as a key concern. Creating a team with the right blend of capabilities to meet complex and changing needs is a common challenge.


Proxima’s Capability on Demand program delivers fast and flexible access to specialist procurement capability. It enables organizations to quickly augment the in-house team with a range of experienced practitioners and specialists. Our program gives you:

  • A rapid plug in to a leading Procurement function and capability network
  • Fresh insights from Proxima specialists across a huge range of disciplines
  • A model that can scale quickly and flex with business needs
  • Access to Proxima’s technology, tools, and knowledge


As business needs ebb and flow, so too do the demands on Procurement. Our service gives organizations the ability to quickly dial up specialist support on a case by case basis for projects, programs, roles or surge support. The approach features:

  • Creation of a simple engagement model to service capability needs
  • Provision of Proxima specialists or blended teams, normally on site
  • Dynamic governance to ensure that the service is constantly relevant
  • A variety of models and measures, ranging from FTE to outcome based

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