Finding a solution

Let’s face it. We all like to be up to date on things that matter to us. Whether it’s knowing what’s happening with our favorite sports teams or being the local expert on home improvements, being a person with up to date knowledge feels good. Even better, we can use that knowledge to ‘advise, help or do.’

For procurement professionals, being up to date with the latest insights and information about suppliers or categories is a must-have. You could argue that it’s crucial for anyone working with another company in a commercial or operational role.

The professional outcome is largely similar to the personal; if we have great knowledge about suppliers and categories, we can use that knowledge to advise, help or do. Our businesses will be stronger as a result, and we as individuals will become as in demand for what we know, as for what we do.

However, the reality of keeping up to date with all that’s going on in supply markets is much harder. A lack of time, the (non) availability of information, or an overwhelming amount of information to digest are typical challenges that we face. In fact, in a survey conducted with World Contracting and Commerce, over half of commercial professionals admitted to finding supplier insights hard to come by.

At Proxima, we know that external context is a crucial tool to surprise and delight the clients and stakeholders we work with. It is our business to be up to date with the latest developments. We have had our own tools and methods for some time to help us and feed insights to our consultants.
But this is not our challenge alone, and we recognized a gap in the market for a smart solution to source supplier information and valuable insights.

And so we released Suppleye

Introducing Suppleye

Suppleye is a simple solution that solves a complex challenge, bringing curated news and information about companies and categories to commercial professionals as and when it happens.
Suppleye functions as a lens on the outside world; it is not there to tell you what is happening inside your business; it gives an external perspective. Where you might currently rely on colleagues, suppliers, customers, or trawling the internet to keep an eye on the bigger picture, Suppleye does this work for you, looking at handpicked sources to feed the user news and sentiment.

How it works

Suppleye is free to access, meaning that you can start using the application straight away. While there will be “Pro” and “Teams” options released soon, the free version of the platform offers the following features:

  • Supplier dashboards – you can browse dashboards full of news and insights on suppliers, in fact, there are over 2,500 suppliers already there for Suppleye users to enjoy, and more daily.
  • Curated News – We handpick “need to know” news stories about suppliers and put them in an essential feed and supplier timeline, enabling current and historical context.
  • Sentiment Scores – Sentiment Scores – We use sentiment analysis to track and report on positive or negative sentiment surrounding a company, so you know what the outside world thinks.
  • Categories and Industries – we do the same for categories and industry trends, giving our users great external perspectives on tap, fuelling their expertise and insights.
  • Personal dashboard – We offer the ability to follow the suppliers and trends most of interest and receive email notifications.

In an increasingly agile and evolving world, and when you are as busy as we think you are, having readily available information on your clients, suppliers and counterparts give you an edge. Someone has built a digital researcher just for procurement. What are you waiting for?

Take a look for yourself at Suppleye today. It’s free, with no trial subscriptions or trial periods, you can be up and running in 5 minutes, what are you waiting for?


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