I couldn’t be more excited to join a company that provides a brilliant culture and makes colleagues feel valued from day one.

Starting a job fresh out of university is daunting, to say the least. I am sure many of us have been to interviews where the company outlines their inclusive culture and the un-rivaled friendliness of their staff, but whether this translates to your true experience as a new joiner is often a different story. In my first two few weeks, my expectations have already been exceeded and I have found the culture at Proxima really is something to shout about.

My interest in procurement stems from my placement year, as it was never something I learned about in education. I have a Business Management degree, yet within this, procurement was hardly mentioned. However, Proxima’s Analyst Program meant that I didn’t need to have a vast knowledge of procurement; rather I needed the will and excitement to learn and a desire to ensure businesses are achieving value for money.  

Within my first few days I met other Analysts and Consultants, all of whom took the time to introduce themselves and provide insight into their work at Proxima. I met my Career Manager and Buddy, who were assigned to me based on my background and place within the company. My Buddy completed the same analyst program, which made me feel automatically at home and meant she could answer any questions I had with ease. 

My Career Manager acts as a guide within Proxima, from the onset she honed in on my training and began guiding me through achieving success; constructive feedback is continually provided, allowing me to develop at speed while remaining supported. My Career Manager also works with me to understand my strengths and areas for development; this relationship is one that will last for at least the first two years of my career at Proxima, something I find reassuring.

In a personalized fashion, my Career Manager provided training surrounding client readiness, helped me to create my probation objectives and without hesitation, gave me a variety of internal projects, such as case studies and project planning documents, to begin work on. These projects involve seeing client work through to the very last stages and as these projects will not be sent to the client, it is a safe environment for new analysts to understand the quality of work required while creating a template for actual client work in the future. I was also delighted to hear about the commitments that Proxima makes to investing in its people through programs such as the X Fund scheme, where you can apply for monetary support to undertake further training or development courses related to your field. 

The close-knit culture really shone through within my first week. I was invited to one-on-one meetings with members of the leadership team and the CEO, who provided insight into the procurement world and advice as to how new joiners can add value. A flat culture that values contributions from every corner of the business is something that really appeals to me, so it was brilliant to see this being put into action so early on. It is also great to hear that Proxima puts the health and wellbeing of its colleagues first, with 24-hour support lines and flexible working that promote a strong work-life balance.

As the global pandemic understandably put face-to-face inductions on hold, all of my introductions were completed virtually through Microsoft Teams. Traditionally, it would be easy to feel lost, anxious or isolated when sat alone in a bedroom beginning orientation at a new job, but the effort and schedule Proxima put together meant that the approachability and friendliness of everyone has still been felt through a screen. Communication both before I started and in the first few weeks has been above and beyond, and the ability to just drop someone a message on Teams if you get stuck has been promoted since my first hour here. The culture at Proxima is so strong that even a global pandemic would not stop a new joiner from feeling part of the family – even me, who took an untraditional route to Procurement and consulting. 

The next six months will involve passing my probation (fingers crossed), working on a variety of clients and learning everything “procurement”. I couldn’t be more excited to be working not only in a company which is growing so much and genuinely provides such a brilliant culture, but also in an industry which is booming. 

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