One great thing about Proxima is that you are encouraged to take your development into your own hands.

That’s not to say there isn’t support, there is, but the organization values people who can see themselves without limits; you are encouraged to grow. There are two promotion “windows” a year, in the spring and the fall. These are the official sessions where promotion applications are assessed. I’d describe the key success factor as “being ready” rather than “time served”.

In my case, I wanted to be promoted to Consultant. I felt I was ready so I talked it through with my career manager. We discussed it a couple of times and looked at the Consultant skills and competencies to see how “ready” I was and what more I needed to do. That process is quite easy; there are clear expectations for each grade in the company, so you know what you need to work on if you want to move up. I’d been keeping these in mind and using a combination of training, mentoring, and on client learning to try and learn and then demonstrate the Consultant skills for a while before my application. So when it came to it, I felt ready and that I could demonstrate what the organization was looking for from me.

Another thing I did, and I encourage others to do, is that I booked some time with one of our executive team. We are quite a flat organization and the leadership is very approachable for advice, guidance, or even more formal mentoring. Richard Gibson, is responsible for our delivery and I took some time out with him in Chicago to discuss my aspirations too. One of the great things about Richard is that he is highly supportive, another is that he is a straight talker. He is also on the promotion panel so his opinions are clear, and they matter. He was able to tell me what to expect from the process.

When it came to it I felt ready, and I sailed through. At least that’s what I like to think. Getting promoted is a great feeling, and knowing that the organization is willing you on to succeed is pretty special. I’m now head down focusing on making it to senior consultant next!

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