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At Proxima, we believe gender equality is a necessary foundation for creating a prosperous and sustainable workplace.

The Gender Equality Network at Proxima aims to champion equal opportunities for all employees.

The group provides a positive and supportive environment for employees to share experiences and possibilities as well as hold discussions that foster growth globally for all genders.



The Gender Equality Network was born in 2020 out of the need for a support network and collaboration platform for Proximites to share and educate colleagues on their workplace and world experiences related to gender. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the business, the Gender Equality Network, or GEN as we call it, was born.

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Proxima’s GEN offers a networking group that enables relationship-building outside of your traditional circle of colleagues and acts as a mechanism supporting and promoting training and progression for all genders, facilitating career development.

GEN will dedicate its efforts to a new theme each quarter, which will include a Spotlight Session where one of our employees shares their insights and experience.

A key pillar of success for GEN is predicated on the fact that we are bringing people of all genders together, meaning everyone at Proxima is welcome and encouraged to join.

The group is led by a committee of ten individuals who make up the GEN Board, their seats are up for election on a yearly basis.

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