No business can operate in a vacuum.

Each has a responsibility to its neighbours, staff, stakeholders and the environment.

Proxima’s corporate social responsibility policy actively operates in all its business activities and in its relationships with suppliers, clients and the wider community. It is a key element in our position as a service provider and of the trust clients place in us.

Our policy is set out fully in our corporate social responsibility guidelines below. These ensure that our business practices have strong ethical foundations, that we manage our environmental impact, and that these values and approaches are embodied in our supplier agreements.

Suppliers and clients

If clients have established CSR policies, we integrate them into our supplier selection processes. When desired, we help clients develop an ethical and environmental dimension to their procurement policies that mirror the objectives of the organisation as a whole.

We vet the environmental and ethical standards of suppliers as a routine part of our supplier selection. At a minimum, all suppliers must meet the standards set out in our supplier charter. Whenever called on, we will happily tailor our supplier selection to meet any particular environmental or ethical requirements from clients.

Business conduct

Our reputation for integrity is essential to us and to our clients, and we insist on reputable, fair and honest conduct from our staff at all times.

Environmental impact

Our environmental policy sets out our commitment to minimise our carbon footprint by saving energy in our offices, recycling, travelling only when strictly necessary and encouraging the use of public transport.