We provide expert procurement services to a brilliant client list that ranges from some of the world’s largest businesses right through to some bespoke businesses that you’ve probably never heard of.


At the heart of it we help our clients to spend their money wisely, and well. When you dig down a little, the specialist experience we bring is unlike most other offerings in the market. We don’t just set the strategy or write the report. We make change happen.

We deliver everything from assessments, through to strategy and transformation. That might be looking at how to better manage costs, optimize technology and process, build risk programs or help the business through a significant change like outsourcing or M&A. There’s lots that we do either through one off assignments or ‘as a service’.


We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest retailers and the giants of aviation, as well as key government departments, leading banks, and many of the most prominent businesses across manufacturing, food, entertainment, hi tech and much more. We’re even spearheading procurement in some of the new, next generation industry leaders.


There are too many to mention really, but one thing is for sure. Even if you are not familiar with the name Proxima, it is highly likely that you will have interacted with a Proxima client at some stage in your life, if not regularly each day, week or month. You can read more about the sectors in which we specialize here, and see a range of our clients below.

What can you expect from Proxima as an employee or client? We don’t want transactional relationships with our clients. We want to inspire and deliver positive change.

Expert procurement consultants with experience


We bring a wealth of capability, insight and supply market knowledge to every challenge. Over 25 years of great delivery experience helps the world’s leading brands trust Proxima with their business goals.


We work hard to understand your business and your needs. By working closely together, we create trust, using insight and knowledge to come up with creative yet practical solutions that move you forward.



All of this means that we speed things up. You get relevant insights, practical challenge and a desire to solve real business problems. We bring specialist delivery that enables great outcomes, faster.