It is a privileged position to lead the world’s premier procurement consultancy; we are a group of people who want to create exceptional stories for ourselves, our company, and our clients.

Every day I am inspired by the people who work here, and it is my responsibility to create an environment that feels like home but also challenges and encourages them to achieve.

It is also important that our people bring their real and full selves to work each and every day. Yes, we are skilled procurement consultants, but more than that, we are a collection of individuals united by our desire to impact our clients, society, and each other positively.

One of the other things that I love about working for Proxima is the sheer breadth of clients that we work with. It is not just the prestige of their brands, it is also the people that we meet and the cultures that we become a part of. We have a very special corporate DNA at Proxima, and the diversity and difference that comes from our clients is a key part of it.

So when I am asked to talk “about us,” I immediately tell them about the exceptional group of people we are and the fantastic organizations we work with.

The following pages have been pulled together by a selection of our procurement specialists; I asked them to paint a picture of who we are, what we deliver, and what we are passionate about. This is the result.


At Proxima, we are also inspired and defined by who we work with. We provide expert procurement services to a brilliant client list that ranges from some of the world’s largest businesses right through to some bespoke businesses that you’ve probably never heard of.

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Inclusiveness and openness

Diversity challenges us to think differently, and we become better people and better businesses as a result. Procurement, like many other careers, has not been the most diverse of professions in the past. It has some catching up to do. The good news is that things are changing fast, and we want to be at the forefront of leading that change.

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Our people

Running a procurement consultancy opens up a range of roles from expert procurement consultants to deep category specialists to operations and support gurus. At Proxima we employ brilliant minds from all backgrounds and walks of life, and all come together as part of the same collective effort. Meet some of our people here and learn more about what being at Proxima means to them.

You can meet more of our team over on our careers pages and explore #LifeatProxima.

Proxima In the Press


In a business like Proxima, there are leaders everywhere, we ask people to step up and take charge and empower them to do so. That might mean running a function, a team, a project, or managing or mentoring colleagues. Leadership is a behavior, not necessarily a role.

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Responsible business

Being a responsible business is a corporate goal, and we have a board sponsored initiative to ensure that this aspiration is also a reality. There are lots of exciting things happening in and around our business, most of which are suggested by, and led by our people. You can read more about that here.

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Experienced procurement consultant

Everything you need to know about Procurement

Why is procurement so important? Most businesses depend upon suppliers. In fact, the work that an average business does with its suppliers accounts for 70% of the total revenue. That’s right, our research found that for every pound or dollar you make, 70% of it is invested back in the supply chain. This is because in a specialized and global economy someone else is often better placed than you to do something, or provide something. What was once a paycheck is now….

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Charities and Partnerships