Most asked questions from suppliers

How does Proxima view suppliers?

Suppliers are integral to the modern business - a business simply cannot exist without its suppliers. As such, suppliers are central to the value Proxima generates for its clients.

Our clients have confidence in our expertise and the solutions suppliers can deliver for them. With a global and multi-national client list that speaks for itself and billions of client costs under our management across Europe and the U.S., a large door is open for innovative suppliers with great ideas and new business solutions.

How do suppliers benefit from working with Proxima?

There are many benefits to suppliers. One common benefit is that we improve the communication flowing between supplier and client, so that a supplier better understands the client’s needs, and the client listens to the ideas and innovation that suppliers often want to bring to the table. Access to our clients is another obvious opportunity - many suppliers have won substantial new accounts through their relationships with us.

Our experts are in regular contact with our clients' stakeholders across all business sectors. We are happy to share our overall view of market developments – particularly as they relate to client needs – and to act as a sounding board for new initiatives.

What is Proxima's role in the sourcing process?

Typically, we design and manage the sourcing process on behalf of our clients, looking inward at the client's organisation to ensure it’s addressing its business needs effectively, and outward at the supplier community. We identify potential suppliers, and work with stakeholders to help them choose the best suppliers for their business. We manage the interaction with suppliers throughout the sourcing process, such as managing requests for information, evaluating supplier proposals, managing negotiations and developing a recommendation or a series of options for the client.

Often we will also manage the relationship with the supplier after the contract has been awarded.

Does Proxima take a commission, or other form of payment, from suppliers?

No, never. 100% of our income comes from our clients. This approach guarantees our advice is unbiased and ensures transparency for all parties.

Are suppliers paid by Proxima or direct by the client organisation?

Suppliers are paid directly by our clients. Likewise, although we will often be involved in negotiating commercial arrangements, terms and conditions, service level agreements and so on, the final contract is between the supplier and the client.

Are you just looking for price reductions?

Our clients expect competitive prices, and part of our role is to negotiate prices with suppliers. But we understand that delivering truly excellent solutions to our clients often means taking a much broader view than price alone. Our aim is to add value to a client’s business overall, and the service offered by suppliers is a key element in that.

We work alongside suppliers and clients to bring new developments, innovations and improved processes direct to clients. This is where we can add real value to both parties, so that clients and suppliers benefit from a continued relationship with us.

Does Proxima specialise in particular industries?

All organisations have complex procurement needs - especially in non-core cost areas. As a result, we work in all sectors.

However, each sector faces different challenges and regulatory pressures that impact the service that procurement needs to provide to the business. We understand these differences and flex our approach to best suit each sector.

How can suppliers work most effectively with Proxima?

A good way to work with us is to develop an on-going relationship with the appropriate Proxima expert. Our experts take the lead in specific areas and are always interested in hearing suppliers’ views of market developments and discussing potential innovations. Above all, we will want to know how suppliers can help us to deliver better solutions to our clients.

How do I register my interest in working with Proxima’s clients?

We are supplier neutral, and act solely in the interests of our clients. This means we are always looking for the best suppliers to meet clients’ needs, and are eager to speak with suppliers that believe they can help us deliver better solutions.


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