Supplier Management

Shedding light on your supply chain

When your supply chain is complex you need a single source of the truth. Which suppliers are in tune with your objectives? Who needs to improve? Where are the risks? This is where Catalytics® comes in - cloud based technology to help you transform the way you work with your suppliers. Catalytics is smart, simple and affordable Supplier Management technology from Proxima, creating a single source of the truth across your supplier relationships.

Supplier Management
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Manage risk. Take control.

Turn on the risk controls that matter to your business so that you can always see the big picture. With smart, intuitive dashboards you can unify the right data in one place and offer enterprise visibility across your suppliers. Whether it’s drilling down or spotting trends, Catalytics will join the dots to give you deeper insights into your supply base.

  • Create a shared understanding of the risk points in your supplier network
  • Replace risk uncertainty with risk management
  • Track regulatory and compliance obligations
  • Identify and predict future exposure to risk
  • Drill down to the detail in your supply chain
  • Reduce potential impact on time, cost and reputation

Enhance performance. Get more from your suppliers.

Are your suppliers perfectly in tune with your business objectives? Are you getting what you paid for? Can you tell?

Catalytics helps you by:

  • Automating plug and play models that do the work for you
  • Collecting the right data and at the right time
  • Presenting actionable data back to you in a simple and intuitive format
  • Enabling you to make the right decisions, every single time

Switch on Catalytics to get a clear view of how your suppliers and in-house teams are performing. From peer comparison scorecards to individual data rich 360s, separate fact from fiction and take supplier management to a new level.

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Increase value. Unlock the power of your network.

Ever wondered where you spend most of your revenue? What about your greatest source of innovation and business improvement? That’s right, your suppliers. With Catalytics, your teams and suppliers have a platform for fact based conversations which will enable them to find the most effective ways of working together.

Understand, prioritise and deliver more value:

  • Understand and do the things that encourage greater collaboration
  • Harness supplier innovation and profit from new ideas
  • Identify initiatives that can have a positive impact on your business
  • Manage projects and measure the realised value
  • Enjoy the benefits of an innovative supplier network

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Modern Supplier Management

Operating Efficiencies

Be leaner, work faster, think smarter


More collaboration means more success


See your data, take control


Come together to do the right things

Business Alignment

The right actions at the right time


Modern solutions for a modern challenge

Shed light on your supply chain today

Are you looking for a single source of truth? You can be switched on and fully operational within a matter of days.

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Three simple steps to get started:

1. Online demo

  • Learn about Catalytics
  • Get familiar with the system

2. Configure Catalytics

  • Select your controls
  • Segment your suppliers

3. See the benefits

  • Mitigate risk, increase value, raise performance — and quickly
  • Have more informed, data-driven supplier relationships