Supplier Management 

Transform the way in which you and your suppliers work together. 
Catalytics® is smart cloud-based technology that gives you invaluable insights into your suppliers and your business.


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Catalytics has been designed to deliver immediate impact across your supply chain:

Cloud based for fast adoption and flexible access

Smart use of automation and self service to make it easy to use

Ready to go, out of the box to make a difference fast

Catalytics Platform

An easy-to-use platform that’s ready to work straight out of the box.


All your data is in one smart dashboard so you can make informed decisions and minimise risk.


Everything from peer comparison scorecards to focused supplier data to give you clear performance insights.


Supplier conversations based on facts to drive extra value.

  1. 1. Turn on the risk controls that matter to you
  2. 2. Schedule, collect and analyze data effectively
  3. 3. Visualize your supplier and business risks, through predictive data
  1. 1. Activate supplier performance controls to keep supplier data on track
  2. 2. Analyze and compare your supplier data at the touch of a button
  3. 3. Have data driven conversations with your suppliers
  1. 1. Evaluate and support collaboration between your people and your suppliers
  2. 2. Harvest opportunities and track progress of new innovations
  3. 3. Realize smarter, more modern relationships with suppliers to power your business

Get more from your suppliers

Learn how Catalytics can transform the way you work with your suppliers 


Smart, simple technology

Get 360 degree visibility across your supply base


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It’s A Risky Business

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What is Catalytics?

Data driven conversations, actionable insights, faster decisions 


Keep Your Friends Close And Your Suppliers Closer

It pays to build a better relationship with your supply chain.


Meet our partners

Our partners are leaders in their fields, sharing our vision of great supplier management. Our partner ecosystem is designed to help address today’s top issues around data, due diligence, risk management, and supplier financials, all through our Catalytics platform.

  • Bureau van Dijk is a market leading company information provider with databases containing information on 220 million companies from over 200 countries. The data can be used for third party due-diligence, on-boarding, AML and KYC compliance and on-going supplier risk management processes. We have partnered with Bureau van Dijk to enrich and validate the single source of supplier information within Catalytics, providing early warning of emerging risk trends within your supply chains. Key financial and risk data can be pulled directly into Catalytics with the option to access a range of reports providing further insight on demand.

  • Meronimi developed the IntelligenceHub technology that takes big data, and applies advanced analytics to provide clients with in depth insight into the world's largest suppliers. We access and filter results in over 180 different languages, and use advanced analytics to understand what is being said about suppliers, even in remote corners of the world. This information can be fed into Catalytics to provide measured, actionable intelligence for clients, sourced from the conversations about suppliers that are taking place every day in online and social media – information you cannot risk being without.

  • Wax Digital is one of the world’s leading eProcurement solution providers, delivering Source to Pay solutions to mid and large-sized organisations around the world, for over 260,000 users in 102 countries, managing tens of millions of transactions annually. The intuitive, easy-to-use and accessible web3 platform, underpins Proxima’s Catalytics solution.

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