Our On-Demand service, underpinned by our Catalytics® technology, is a fully flexible event based procurement service that puts you in control of when and where the service is delivered.

Putting you in control

Every business’ procurement needs are (un)predictable. You need a service that can cope with all the eventualities. Our On-Demand service solves the problem without requiring big commitments.

Get procurement on-demand today

Our On-Demand service aims to provide you with everything you need out-of the-box, supported by a flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ commitment. This means there are no large upfront investments or long terms contracts, and you can scale it up or down, or even turn it off as easily as you can switch it on. To get you set up in the right way, all we need to know is:

Your operating environment

We need to understand how demanding your organisation is, and the environment is operates in, so that we are able to service you in the right way.

The workload

Working closely with you, we will determine the volume and type of work you have coming up, then translate those requirements into events we will be running.

That’s it! Once we’ve got this, we can be operational within days.

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