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    Proxima is the alternative to the conventional in-house procurement function

    Think of us as an extension to your business. It's an approach that gives a profoundly different experience to your people, as well as to your suppliers. One that is impossible to replicate in-house. And one that transforms performance because of how it helps you align your non-core costs with your corporate aims.

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    There's nothing quite like being the person who saw the change.

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  • Proxima’s Catalytic Approach

    Our 'Catalytic Approach'

    Proxima plays the role of catalyst between our clients and their suppliers. We bring suppliers to the heart of the business and align them with business objectives. We bring third party costs under control: changing the visibility of it and changing behaviour around it, asking why money is spent before ‘how much?’

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    Often a change in behaviour can achieve far more than a change in price…

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  • Proxima client success story

    The genie in the bottle

    By applying our Catalytic Approach we looked beyond the contract itself to the entire context of what the bottle achieves for our client - as well as driving a significant increase in profits and considerable impact on performance.

    We can tell countless stories like this for global businesses.

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