For the average organization, approximately 70% of revenues are spent annually with third party suppliers, and so the most significant influence on innovation, growth, reputation and brand is contracted rather than employed.

And yet all too often it goes unseen, unmanaged and unexploited. The multitude of supplier relationships is both one of the biggest opportunities and the biggest risks facing organizations today.

Integration. Automation. Analytics. Optimization.

Proxima’s vision is a world in which real insight and control is delivered across your enterprise, enabling suppliers to truly power your business. 

Catalytics® is a comprehensive, easy to use, cloud-based technology suite, bringing simplicity to a complex business challenge.


Catalytics® manages key supplier data around three key Commercial Management pillars:

Risk & Information Management;
Performance Management;
and Value Management.

Commercial Management allows you to easily connect thousands of interactions across your business, ensure you meet the demands of regulators, monitor risks, enhance performance and provide a platform for delivering competitive advantage.

Our Commercial Management services ensure that everyone in a supplier relationship understands exactly what to do, when. And that includes the suppliers. 

Your key controls have never been so easy.


Risk and Information Management

Data feeds are captured through a combination of automation and supplier self-service to create risk and compliance dashboards which provide real insight into the state of your supply base and its internal management, including supplier on-boarding and data maintenance alerts.

Captures initial and ongoing key contract and supplier data to ensure third party arrangements remain commercially and ethically sound.

It keeps all your contracts in a single, secure place, where they can be regularly accessed and maintained.


Performance Management

By capturing key obligations and performance standards upfront, we are able to use automation and self-service to ensure actions are undertaken performance measured and customized reports delivered to key stakeholders through a 360 degree view of supplier performance and enterprise level dashboards.

It ensures the outcomes promised get delivered by ensuring you and you suppliers do what you have agreed to do to optimize performance.

Value Management

Value Management drives the activities which make a tangible difference to bottom and top line performance, focussing on real delivery of promised benefits, and enabling the collaborative relationships that can lead to better ways of working, greater innovation and revenue improvement.

It optimizes the value that you get from your suppliers through the right relationships and behaviours to power competitive advantage. 

Ready to take control of your commercial management?

Commercial Management services from Proxima, enabled by Catalytics, makes it easy.

Your subscription ensures that you have a contract and supplier management system that’s ready to go. 

Proxima will always support you through this process, ensuring you have the controls framework and tools you need and are ready to use - it is 80% out of the box and ready to go on day one and the remaining 20% is configured to your needs and business controls.

There are three simple steps to get started:

1. Online demo

 Learn about Catalytics

2. Turn Catalytics on

 Log-on to tool


 Plan roll out with Proxima

3. Configure Catalytics

 Set up Control Framework

 Agree in scope suppliers & contracts

 Run segmentation

 Load suppliers and contracts

 User training

Start using!